More Than a Shelf: Hacks that replace furniture

Minimalist, sturdy, unexpected - there are many reasons to use shelving as a furniture alternative. The perfect solution for small space living or decorating on a budget, using a shelf surface to replace bulky furniture frees up space with a clever twist. 


1. Bedside table hack.

Our 10" Hardwood Shelf provides the perfect spot for your bedside lamp and reading material.  This rendering shows a nightstand for the minimalist (or the insomniac.) 


2. Entryway table hack.

A first impression can say it all, so don't overlook the home entryway. This lean shelf solution will relieve you of table legs, creating space in this often narrow passage.  Moreover, you can fit magazines, keys, vases and other necessities or decorative accents on a shelf surface.


3. Kitchen cabinetry hack.

Kitchen cabinetry is an expensive way to hide your beautiful dinnerware collection. For more on the benefits of sculptural brackets in your kitchen's open shelving, check out our Kitchen Renovation Checklist. (P.S. - We had your larger platters in mind when we designed our 30" and 60" Hardwood Shelves with extra depth.)


4. Bike storage hack.

TORTUGA's Pyramid Brackets are industrial strength when drilled into a wall stud, so they can handle holding your bike and more. Affix a small piece of cork on top to prevent scratching, and your bracket is good to go. 

This modular furniture collection is an ideal solution for those frequently apartment hopping or living nomadically. These portable components - with no awkward legs or loose drawers - make moving day a breeze.

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