What makes a TF product?

In our mission to create pieces that are adaptable to changing spaces and all chapters of life, we’re rethinking what makes an object beloved. The common ingredient across all our products is an element of surprise. We like to think our attention to detail extends beyond the purely practical, to the realm of magic. Our products are workhorses, with a wink—made to mix, match, and multitask.

Recognizing our Responsibility

Adding new items to this world is a hefty responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability begins at the material level by using recycled, sustainably sourced, and ethical materials in the creation of our diverse line. Innovation is key: We’ve reimagined waste material like rubber tires as colorful placemats and coasters, and reclaimed denim as a table surface. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and designed to keep our parcels as light as possible. (Happily, this means reduced shipping costs, too!) And, above all, items are made in small batches to ensure lifelong quality. Read more about our materials here.

Celebrating our Community

Tortuga Forma participates in and supports the independent design community through collaborations with other small businesses. We’re an Asian-owned, female-run company, and are proud to partner with fellow female and AAPI makers—and to create products and adopt practices that benefit and serve those communities. At the 2023 NYCxDesign festival, founder Andrea Hill co-curated the exhibition “Upon Further Reflection,” featuring the work of 20 female, AAPI designers and artists, recognized by The New York Times as a “standout” exhibition, and by Wallpaper as “a particularly poignant point of debate and experience amongst AAPI people.”

Meet Andrea, our Founder

Prior to launching Tortuga Forma in 2018, I spent a decade working at art auction houses. That experience made me want to shift my focus to objects that are precious not because of their auction value, but because they are loved. 

A frequent host and happy homebody, I believe the things we love most are born from an alchemy of purpose, striking design, and emotional connection—and that over time, these items are what build a home, piece by piece. I started Tortuga Forma to co-create and curate objects as dynamic and emotional as the spaces they occupy.

The people who make it happen

  • Hills Imports was founded by Andrea's parents (Fie and Selina) over 40 years ago. Their team and warehouse supports Tortuga's wholesale business. Many of the same individuals who watched Andrea grow up are still a part of the Hills team.

  • Nicole Rivers holds a Master's degree in Interior Architecture. With successful careers in fashion and real estate, she has amassed an additional seven years of corporate interior design experience. Her expertise includes holistic interior design, styling, and managing projects for residential and commercial projects.

  • Holly Leung heads product sourcing and nurtures manufacturer relationships. She specializes in identifying new material possibilities and is based in Hong Kong.