A journal about the rituals we create around the home, the objects that bring us joy, and the stories behind how things are made.

  1. More Than a Shelf: Hacks that replace furniture

    Minimalist, sturdy, unexpected - the reasons for using shelving as a furniture alternative are endless.
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  2. Living in Sculpture: How to furnish an iconic architectural home?

    The residential home, unencumbered by corporate needs or urban restriction, is an experimental architects dream. Owning one of these sculptural mas...
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  3. Mid-century interior design guru Barbara D'Arcy is still surprising us

    Even if you haven't heard of Barbara D'Arcy before, you're probably familiar with her work. In her unique position as Executive Merchandising Desig...
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  4. Kitchen Renovation Checklist: One commonly overlooked detail

    As the kitchen is where much time (and money) is spent, it can be tempting to opt for utility over design when renovating. In the one room where every detail counts, one small - yet extremely noticeable - feature can easily be overlooked.
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