Kitchen Renovation Checklist: One commonly overlooked detail

Since the kitchen is where much time (and money) is spent, it can be tempting to opt for utility over design when renovating. In the one room where every detail counts, one small - yet extremely noticeable - feature can easily be overlooked. 

The Pyramid Bracket's pop of color brightens this space.

My friends, we beg you please to not sleep on your choice of shelving bracket! There is nothing more disappointing than walking into an immaculate kitchen filled with the best appliances, only to find yourself eye-level with industrial strength shelving brackets from Home Depot. 


Before -                                                                                  After -

 The Pyramid Shelving's solid geometry adds a sleek accent.


Before -                                                                                  After -

Floating shelves can't compete with both strength and style.



Fit your entire dining set on one shelf.


Utility reads like sculpture or jewelry with TORTUGA's Pyramid Shelving System, - and does not sacrifice an ounce of durability or strength.  

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