Magical Table Linens

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What customers say

Lovely design and so easily differentiated from other products

- Bola

Everyone who eats at my house asks me about these placemats!

- Alex

Exactly what I needed for my huge book collection. Sturdy and beautiful product that is doing a wonderful job.

- Bechelli

Stunning, sculptural planter! Easy ordering, fast and careful shipping - and my items were lovely. Can't wait to find more.

- Kat

Everything was packaged extremely well to ensure it arrived safely. We purchased one of the modular shelves - it is definitely high quality. This was our first purchase and we’re truly impressed. Functionally, it all works great too! Thank you so much! :)

- S

Photos do not convey the quality of the bookends. They are heavy and finished with a thick coating. The minimalist design pleases the eye and compliments any decor.

- Lisa

A quote from a customer or staff member can help show of your products' unique selling points.

- Source

This planter has a textured, interesting surface (not a boring white planter). It's geometric without being in-your-face. Like a simple sculpture. I would buy another in a different color, or if I had another room full of houseplants. Great!

- Katie
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Magical objects make a home.

Tortuga Forma believes that objects have intellectual and emotional power, and that truly magical ones possess both. Everything we create is inventive, forward-thinking and trend resistant. And while our pieces are undeniably playful, they’re also designed to be lifelong companions in the home.

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Tortuga brings an art world approach to home goods