Double Sided Dinner Napkins

Why did we make a double sided linen?

For one, we are driven to make objects we don't believe have been realized to their full potential. A napkin or tablecloth with two faces pushes a 2 dimensional surface into the 3 dimensional realm. It asks us to reconsider how we fold a textile, how it can sit on the body, how it falls and drapes with unexpected beauty. It multiplies the possibilities of the tabletop world. Our linens are made in Japan with a storied producer who brings traditional knowledge and innovative processes to their manufacturing.

"I strive for my textile designs to have great visual activity. Oftentimes, an intentional secondary pattern emerges, color combinations pulsate, and lines create an optical reaction. When I achieve this visual response, I am celebrating the rhythms of life."​ - Molly Fitzpatrick

Cocktail napkins and tablecloths coming soon

Photos by Hannah Whitaker