Get to Know Illustrator Gabriela Del Valle

by Sloane Middleton

We collaborated with Gabriela Del Valle, illustrator of the Instagram and Tumblr accounts @Vengodelvalle, for an #EnvisionTortuga commissioned artwork. The Venezuelan artist's geometric focus and 80s aesthetic is influenced by her grandfather's work in architecture and her fascination with vintage catalogs.

Vengodelvalle Gabriela Del Valle TORTUGA Living

Gabriela Del Valle for TORTUGA, 2018. 


What influenced you to start illustrating interior designs?

I studied architecture and graphic design, so this was my first mode of expression: basic shapes, space and color.  My grandpa was an architect, and he used to have a lot of architecture and decor magazines. Since I was a child I loved it. Choosing decor pieces is like a game, you can make so many different combinations. 


Where do you find your inspiration for the home decor in your illustrations?

I'm a blog addict. I always search 80s catalogs for inspiration, and love to see architectural pictures. Color is super important to me, and I tend to collect pallets and combinations to use.


Vengodelvalle Gabriela Del Valle for TORTUGA living

Gabriela Del Valle  for TORTUGA, 2018. 


 What is your favorite part about your current home?

I'm from Venezuela, and currently live there. I love my country because it is really Caribbean and the nature is so diverse. What I like the most is my plants. I love to collect plants and illustrate them. 


What would be in your dream home?

I love minimalist Japanese architecture, simple and clean. I dream about that type of architecture - like a big cube with some windows and a single door, and all surrounded by so many plants, palms, and flowers.


What does modularity mean to you?

For me, modularity means making playful changes.


Vengodelvalle Gabriela Del Valle #EnvisionTortuga modularity illustration for TORTUGA Living

Gabriela Del Valle for TORTUGA, 2018.