A Guide to Cutting Board Care

by Andrea Hill

Hardworking cutting boards take a beating with daily use, which is why regular care and maintenance is necessary to renew and keep your boards looking pristine. Always wash wooden kitchen boards by hand in warm or hot water with a mild detergent. Cutting boards should never go in the dishwasher.

To maintain your boards, source any food-safe oil. We recommend a food-grade mineral oil (available at your local pharmacy) because it's transparent and leaves no odor or taste. Generously pour the oil directly on the board, and as you begin working the oil into the wood, you will see the board slowly absorbing the moisture, which "heals" cuts and dry areas. After thoroughly oiling the board on both sides and edges, let it dry on a flat surface. If you have any warping, it will straighten out.

The edges of our boards are inscribed with the Tortuga logo. This wasn't just a branding exercise, but a practical tool for you to decide whether you want to use "TORTUGA side up" consistently for chopping and "TORTUGA side down" exclusively for serving, for example. This way, one side of the board remains unscarred and perfect for presentation.