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  1. Visual history of the flower pot, vase and planter

    An astonishing variety of vessels have been designed to contain, cultivate and transport flowers since the Egyptians first used pots to move plants from one location to another. With a timeline spanning from Classical Greece to the Victorian Era to 1980s Memphis design, we chart the evolution of the humble flower pot and the rise of the houseplant, highlighting our favorites.  

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  2. Eileen Gray's E-1027: The modernist home filled with stories

    Eileen Gray (1878-1976) is widely considered among Modernism's most important designers. Her architectural wonder, the E-1027 features classic hallmarks of modernist architecture - but it's what happened inside these walls that makes the E-1027 so fascinating.
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  3. Architecture Study: Libraries that wow

    The contemporary library has become an architect's dream project.

    We're not surprised to see the field's most respected architects like Rem Koolhaas, Sou Fujimoto and Frank Lloyd Wright behind the most surprising and intriguing libraries in the world.

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  4. Small Space Living: Design ideas from Dalí, Kahlo, O'Keeffe & Pollock

    It's hard to imagine the monumental personalities of Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dalí living in the quarters of a tiny apartment like many emerging artists do today, but their takes on interior design can be applied to small space living no less. 
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  5. Design in the Sky: High-lights from the Golden Age of Flying

    Travel and style have always been synonymous, bringing together architecture, interior decor, fashion, entertainment, and adventure unlike anything...
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  6. Sitting on history - What's behind today's 15 most ubiquitous chairs

    You've encountered these chairs countless times, but have you ever stopped to contemplate their origins? History has granted these 15 chairs a ubiquitous status in our daily lives, and we are taking a moment to get better acquainted with them. 
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