Library of Knowledge: Design inspiration for your bookshelf

When styling a bookshelf, what better place to look for inspiration than the library? When ideating our Dumbo Bookends with Ciszak Dalmas, we turned to the stacks for cues on how to efficiently pack the most books on a shelf. 


Bookends should have your back. 

classic steel L-shaped vintage library bookends

It all comes down to physics: the structural mechanics of underlying support with a side beam will prevent an avalanche on the shelf from sliding books. 


Save precious shelf space without compromising on style.

classic L-shaped vintage metal library bookends

There's a reason you never see a massive sculptural bookend in a public library: they're cumbersome and impractical. Instead, classic L-shaped steel are the librarian's bookend of choice - the space-saving design leaves plenty of room on the shelf for more books, while making a statement from its profile view. 


Spend money on more books by saving on style.

classic L-shaped vintage metal library bookends

The library L-shaped bookends are more than just practical and supportive - the single piece of bent metal makes them much cheaper to manufacture. Because why would you spend more money on a book's support than on the book itself?


TORTUGA's Dumbo Bookends - Form meets function.

TORTUGA Living Dumbo Bookends space saving bookshelf

We took all of the support and practicality from the library's favorite L-shaped bookend, and updated them with modern shapes and colors through the genius of design studio Ciszak Dalmas


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