TV homes we grew up with, revisited for today's design lovers.

by Sloane Middleton

While the 21st century is hailed as the "Golden Age of Television," we'd be remiss not to look back on the shows that got us to where we are today - and the sets that influenced our living room style along the way. Take a step back to see how trends from iconic television sets of the past are coming back, as we apply their design lessons to the contemporary home. 


The Brady Bunch - California dreamin'.

brady bunch TV home interior design tips small space living

The wooden molding and stain glass window detail brings bold geometry into this classic, 70s, split-level home.  Meanwhile, the indoor stone garden brings a hint of the exterior landscape inside.  For today's home, we suggest sourcing local stone and wood to fill your home with stories and add a sustainable element.  


The Golden Girls - Miami lounge.

Golden Girls TV home interior design tips small space living

With the all-rattan furniture, rose colored cushions, and generous plant foliage, you might mistake the home of TV's "Golden Girls" for that of a modern-day instagram influencer. Cane rattan furniture is a great way to both elevate your space with a classic finish, while adding a personal flair via cushion customization.


Pee Wee's Playhouse - Memphis revival.

Pee wee's playhouse TV home interior design tips small space living

There's no question that Pee Wee Herman's home was inspired by Ettore Sottsass & co. Taking a page from the Playhouse's bold colors (and fun personalities), we'd recommend letting a statement detail - like a red door, yellow window frame, or blue drapery - determine a complementary wallpaper pattern.  And don't be afraid to mix wallpapers with other wall treatments.