Refreshing your Home: Small Changes with a Big Impact

by Andrea Hill

When spending more time at home, the same four walls can start to close in.  As a therapeutic exercise, try your hand at rearranging a few pieces to update your space.  Designers know that the most polished rooms come together over time and not all at once.  This is the perfect time to start with one corner at a time and take it from there. Happy rearranging!


The Living Room

Photo by Chris Mottalini

This much-used room is a tricky space to redesign, but you can start by making small moves.  For some historic inspiration, we turn to the jazz legend Louis Armstrong's home in Queens, NY where he lived from 1943-1971. This peach botanical oasis was a bold move back then (and still is today), so if you're hesitant to go all out, start with a patterned throw pillow or blanket. We also love the portrait of his wife Lucille Wilson on the wall.  Having photos of your loved ones on view is especially important now as we keep them in our thoughts.  


The Bedroom 

 Dream Bed by Archizoom for Poltronova, 1967. Photo by Centro Studio Poltronova

You're probably sleeping more these days, so it's a good time to make the bedroom a more appealing place to be. Try moving the position of reading lights to see how it changes the mood. A mix of floor and table lamps can bring a warmer and cozier vibe instead of overhead lighting. Or indulge in decadent sheets.  For inspiration, we look to this "Dream Bed" designed by Italian radical design collective Archizoom Associati.


The Window

Contrast Table by BCXSY for TORTUGA

We recently moved our Contrast side table from the sofa area to a corner window that transmits the room's most beautiful afternoon light.  Then we repurposed the table as a plant stand.  Simply putting your furniture in a new lighting scenario can help you see things in a new way or give them new purpose. 


The Bathroom 

Wave Shelf by Home Studios for TORTUGA 

Self care is especially important these days and the bathroom can be a spa-like, calming environment with a few small moves. If you have a bathroom window, consider bringing a plant into the space.  Snake plants, dracaena, air plants and calatheas all love humidity and will thrive if you have sufficient light.

A beautifully packaged bathroom product will not only pamper your skin, but look amazing on your sink or shelf. We love this rose gold razor from Oui the People and decadent body oil from Susanne Kaufmann.  Our Wave Shelf makes a particularly eye catching storage solution for this often overlooked room in the house.