The Art of Folding - Packaging Inspired by Origami

by Andrea Hill

Origami is the art of folding paper into three-dimensional shapes. We used the principles of origami to design a cardboard sleeve protector for our bookends. Since the sleeve closely tracks the L-shape of the bookend, we are able to pack multiple units inside a box and minimize wasted space when shipping to customers. Best of all, the packaging is curbside recyclable.

We have iterated our way through multiple packaging. For our earliest box design for the Pyramid Bracket, we eliminated the need to add assembly instructions by printing them directly inside the box. We still love how this information is revealed during the unboxing experience. 

Our proudest packaging moment was finding an alternative to styrofoam when shipping fragile products. Honeycomb cardboard consists of a hexagonal grid glued between 2 cardboard surfaces that together create a rigid structure. Honeycomb is lightweight, has high vertical compression resistance, and is, of course, recyclable.


When we design packaging, we are constantly thinking about the environmental impact of our choices. If you have ideas for new packaging approaches, materials or want to share an amazing package you've come across, we want to hear about it. Reach out to us at