Every design dilemma can be solved by modular furniture

by Sloane Middleton

It's time to face the music: modular furniture is the way of the future. More than ever before, lifestyle choices like nomadic mobility and conscious consumerism are on people's minds. Yet as we move from city-to-city, furnishing a new home becomes a steep cost - both to our wallet and the environment. Modular furniture - in its flexible and customizable nature - is the single furniture trend that solves these problems. We identified 3 common design dilemmas, and the solutions that going modular offers. 


1. The sizing issue: furniture that doesn't fit your space.

modular furniture design de sede snake DS 600 sofa

The modular solution: additive sizes that adapt to your needs. 

When De Sede's modular sofas, like the Terrazza Ubald Klug and the "Snake Sofa," hit the market in 1970s, the furniture market was revolutionized. 


2. The growth issue: one day you're home alone, another you host a party. 

modular furniture design modular coffee tables gio ponti

The flexible solution: furniture that expands and contracts to change into the size you need. 

This collection of vintage modular tables (including Gio Ponti's Modular Coffee Tables on top) proves that "the more the merrier" doesn't have to be a design nightmare. 


3. The spending issue: with every new home, buying all new furniture. 

modular furniture design universal shelving system vitsoe 606

The customizable solution: furniture that can be rearranged to fit the altering needs of different spaces.  

Since the 1960s, Vitsoe's Universal Shelving System popularized the versatility of modular shelving.


modular furniture design pyramid shelving system on TORTUGA Living design blog

Our modular solution: TORTUGA looks to these iconic examples as inspiration. Our mission is to design pieces that fit your space, budget, and changing needs - making modular furniture our perfect solution.